The research and media vessel ALDEBARAN

The research and media vessel ALDEBARAN


What began in 1992 as Europe´s only floating radio studio and laboratory has now matured into a multimedia platform.


The 14 meter long Aldebaran is a French aluminum construction of the type "Sonate Ovni 43". The design makes it not only suitable for ocean research but also provides a perfect platform for shallow coastal and reef based research as draft can be reduced to as little as one metre. Another advantage is the "square-cut" trunk which means the ALDEBARAN can go aground in tidal waters without tilting to one side.


The following is a brief summary of the key points:

  • 46 foot laboratory and media ship
  • Support base studio located in Hamburg, Germany
  • on board laboratory for marine research (Geology, Marine Biology, Landscape Ecology, Paleontology)
  • Ability to operate in all marine environments (Oceans, Rivers, Estuaries, harbours, all coastal environments)
  • Professional TV and Film Productions
  • Professional Research documentary productions
  • Underwater filming and surround sound 5.1 underwater recording
  • Live TV and Radio broadcasts
  • Eco Friendly research and broadcast platform
  • Facility for an onboard crew of 1-2 people and a scientific/editorial team of 4-6 people
  • Worldwide use of the ship


The team aboard the ALDEBARAN

In order to use the ALDEBARAN as a floating research platform and as a broadcasting ship 19 different functions have to be filled on board. However as only a maximum of eight people can live and work on board. Self-evidently each team member is made full use of and must be able to handle at least three working areas.  A strict production schedule with many tasks must be managed during the whole day. Almost all functions on board will be staffed by volunteers and freelancers as well as the best trainees who have already proven themselves in the land base over time.


The inner workings of the ALDEBARAN

The inner workings make the ALDEBARAN unique. The ALDEBARAN is able to broadcast from within its onboard radio studio and is also equipped with a professional television editing area. The recordings are sent via a mobile satellite system. Television and Internet are part of everyday media life on board and contributions are developed for print. Due to the digitization, the dimensions of powerful computing technologies are becoming smaller. On board of the media boat optimum use of space is a large part of effective working conditions. Almost no corner is idle and if you open any door, you can look at endless cable strands that make up the big network.

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