Details of the ship/technical data

  • Type of ship: Sonate Ovni 43 (aluminum), multi-purpose research and sailing vessel
  • Destinations: Worldwide use, mostly European waters, the Mediterranean, North and Baltic Sea, Atlantic Ocean (Canary Islands, Madeira, Cape Verde, Caribbean)
  • Owner: German Maritime Foundation (in formation)
  • Flag: German
  • Port of Registry: Hamburg
  • Call Sign: DH2020
  • Year: 1986
  • Operator: ALDEBARAN Marine Research & Broadcast, Hamburg
  • Ship data: Overall length: 13.8 m, width 4.5 m, Draft: 0.8 m - 2.5 m (sinking oar and sword) Speed: 5-8 knots
  • Range: 30 days at sea (sailing), 110 hours engine (400 liter diesel)
  • Fresh Water: 2 x 400 liters of fresh water, desalination (water maker)
  • Staff: Crew: 2 - 3, scientists: 2 - 4
  • Drive: Canvas (100 sq m meters of canvas area) / diesel-electric (47 kW), dinghy (15 kW)
  • Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz (5000 watts), 220 V, 50 Hz (2000 watts), 12 V (up to 100 A), available at sea using the engine or a transformer (duration depending on charge) 
  • Navigation: FURUNO Built-in navigation system and on board data processing unit with MAX SEA navigation, Furuno GPS 32, autopilot, satellite compass, radar, FA-50 AIS-transmitter and receiver, outside terminal
  • Communication: 2 installed GSM card phones (including fax), wireless UMTS flat rate for Internet connectivity, shortwave radio with automatic tuner, EPIRB emergency rescue beacon, INMARSAT C and INMARSAT B (64kB) terminal for connections in foreign countries or at sea
  • Echo graph and sonar: Echo graph (200 kHz Simrad CA 50) for deep and shallow water, fish finder, hydroacoustic surveys (e.g. marine mammals) using hydrophone (CLOUD)
  • Tail-arm: A-frame at the rear (immobile) with swivel bracket and pulleys, maximum load 80 kg
  • Laboratory: With about 3 sq m of working surface for interdisciplinary research, free racks for the installment of research modules
  • Detector: Enderwater metal detector Ebinger 722T
  • Scientific equipment: Computer, Mini-Mac, microscope Leica (model Leitz Biomed), Leica binocular microscope with an attached 3-CCD microscope camera (LUMIX GH1/GH2 / Canon EOS 7D) for live documentation and observation, WTW meter Multi 350i (pH, oxygen, temperature, conductivity, salinity) , flow-through system (with stainless steel pipe into the sea water), wet and dry laboratories, aquariums of various sizes for observation and documentation, collection jars, flasks, landing nets and collection networks, Secchi disk for visual depth determination, counting frames (1x1m), Van Veen bottom grab and plankton nets (200μm)
  • Meteorological data: Aanderaa weather station, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature (-44 to 49 ° C), relative humidity, radiation intensity, insolation, air pressure
  • Media: The vessel is equipped with the digital audio and video processing program Final Cut Pro, Full-HD cameras, pictures taken with underwater cameras or microscopes can be transmitted to a 50’’-flat screen in the ship’s briefing room to be used by scientists for research and teaching
  • Video monitoring: Bowtech cameras allow video transects, recording of the signals on hard disk or DVD, simoultaneous recording of NMEA data (position, depth, time, wind etc.), a specific overlay system enabling the visualization of the data (e.g. the current position) into running video transmissions Professional
  • UW-recordings: high-definition HD UW-cameras (with Amphibico and Sea&Sea-casing), professional HDI daylight movie lighting
  • Diving equipment: 5 complete diving suits & gear, 4 oxygene bottles in holdings (2x 12l, 2x 15l), strong compressor (Bauer) with connector for 4 bottles, diving ladder, oxygene case with circular flow (Wenoll), Zodiac Marc II dinghy suitable to secure 4 persons (optionally) for support and transport, utilizing a 15 h.p. outboard motor (Suzuki)


Research diving operations possible under the “guidelines for research divers” for scientific work, sampling and documentation, insurance for all diving operations and divers aboard the ALDEBARAN. 

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