Marine competition „Research at Sea“

Since 2005, ALDEBARAN has sucessfully supported the competition “Forschen auf See” (ger. Research at Sea) which is supported on behalf of the “Förderverein für die Meeesforschung und Umweltjounalismus” (Foundation for marine research and environmental journalism) and was formerly launched in collaboration “Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences".


Five teams of pupils get the chance to perform their own self-created research project with the aid of an experienced scientist aboard the research and media vessel ALDEBARAN. On completion of the project, the pupils present their final report to a jury of renowned scientists.



Hamburg climate week and climate night

Hamburg climate week offers an attractive stage to present Hamburg’s scientific and economic competencies in terms of climate protection and consequence management. Under the patronage of Jakob von Uexküll a great number of stakeholders show the newest developments in the fields of renewable energies, sustainability, climate research, protection and adaptation.
Hamburg’s climate night is a part of the European wide project “European Researchers’ Night“, which aims on taking a look behind the scenes and motivations of scientists to make advanced projects and ideas accessible to the wider public.

The Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg and the European Union engage in the Hamburg climate week, which is the most popular climate event in Europe.



Ocean Conference

In 2011, on the initiative of the Dräger foundation from Lübeck, the most renowned marine scientists from Europe and the USA started in Hamburg a series of conferences on the most effective protection for the oceans. The series was continued 2012 in New York and will conclude this year in Lisbon. The aim of the series  “Sustainable Oceans: Reconciling Economic Use and Protection” is the quick and direct integration of current scientific knowledge into political action. Around 70 scientists and legal practitioners are discussed the value of the oceans and the sustainable use of its vast energy resources.

The conference series is carried out in close cooperation with the University of Columbia and cluster of excellence “Ocean of the future” based in Kiel. Among others, it is supported by the European Commission, the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven and the team of the Research and Media Vessel ALDEBARAN from Hamburg.

A European Ocean Commission based in Hamburg shall be founded after the example of the US commission within the framework of the conference. Its primary task will be to translate the most pressing scientific and social problems into understandable, political courses of action. By doing so, the oceans as the world’s largest and most important ecosystem shall be protected faster and more effectively than before. A close cooperation with the existing American Commission is planned in order to mutually solve the global challenges like pollution of the oceans and the progressive climate change across continent borders.

In order to expand the activities of the European and American commissions on a worldwide scale, there will be talks and conferences concerning a global ocean commission in 2013. Under this roof the undertaking shall be combined.

Expedition „Sinking Paradise“ - Belize

To document the consequences of climate change, the Research and Media Vessel ALDEBARAN has regularly visitde the Caribbean state of Belize since 2007. Many of more than 500 islands lay only slightly above the surface and are thus directly threatened by the rising sea level. The world’s second largest barrier reef off the coast of Belize is threatened by rising sea temperatures and marine pollution. ALDEBARAN has already documented the visible consequences of the progressing climate change with camera teams and scientists. During TV and radio broadcasts from the planetarium in Hamburg the pictures were published live directly from aboard ALDEBARAN.

The ALDEBARAN expedition “Sinking Paradise”, is an official project of the UN-decade “Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung” (Education for sustainable development) and stands exemplary for innovative and mass effective communication in the educational sector.

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