UNESCO award “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD)

ALBEBARAN is three times award winner for exclusive communication achievements essential to society, the UNESCO decade project “Education for Sustainable Development”. The award has been given for the first time in 2007, honoring the climate protection expedition “Sinking Paradise“ (tracking climate change), then again in 2009 for the ocean competition “Research at sea“ and in 2012 for the initiation and organization of the Hamburg climate week.


“Place in the land of ideas 2008”

The research and media vessel ALDEBARAN in 2008 was awarded by the President of Germany as “selected place in the land of ideas” for the area science and technology. This makes the ALDEBARAN part of the event series “365 places in the land of ideas” which was conducted together with the initiative “Germany – land of ideas”, under the patronage of the German president. The nationwide competition supported projects developing, stimulating and implementing future-oriented ideas.


Neptun Crossmedia Award

In 2006, the ALDEBARAN-initiated crossmedia concept of the successful ocean competition “Research at Sea” came in third after steep competition with prestigious national PR agencies for the independent “Neptun Crossmedia Award”. The judging panel praised the ocean competition as one of the most imaginative, effective and economic crossmedia-campaigns of 2005. The professionally developed and commendable concept has been presented in the context of the “hamburger dialog” (Dialogue of Hamburg) as well.


Nokia-project at the world summit for communication

At the world summit for communication in December 2003, the first DVD release of the Nokia campaign movie “Make a connection” was handed over to UN secretary general Kofi Anan. The documentary project was part of a Financial Times special for the world economic forum in Geneva. Nokia commissioned ALDEBARAN with its unique cross-media concept to communicate the sponsoring project “Make a Connection”. In line with a large-scale campaign, the project of the international youth foundation was documented in 14 countries and subsequently made available to decision makers and several media on DVD containing the features in nine different languages. The movies shown in conjunction with the project have been broadcast worldwide on numerous TV stations and the Internet.


Environment media special award and journalism prize for “meet and greet under the sail” (”Medientreff unter Segel“)

ALDEBARAN CEO Frank Schweikert, together with the chief editor of the ZDF Environmental Editor, were awarded the Environment special award for th efoundations work and hte creation and establishment of the research and media vessel ALDEBARAN and the organization of the same name. Furthermore, Frank Schweikert was awarded the journalism prize of “meet and greet under the sail” (”Medientreff unter Segel“).

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